Wednesday, July 29, 2015


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The Sleeping Seed
A Poem About Divine Possibilities.

From our windows we watch as
The hero leads the parade
Tall on a white horse.
We too
Would cast down ancient evils,
Win battles, slay demons
Conquer mountains,
And sing the songs of angels.
The longing to sit in that saddle
And be heroes of our own lives
Was a seed planted
By our Creator
Left for us to nurture
In His light
When He stamped His image on us.
But we failed to till its soil
And in darkness we became
And broke the mirror;
Now we stare at its fragments
Wishing the image repaired
And greatness restored.
Yet the gift remains
And the possibility of greatness
Sleeps in each of us
Awaiting faith's restoration
Of us to God-
The One True Hero.

* * * * *

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(c) Adron Dozat 7/29/15

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