Saturday, August 01, 2015


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Economies of the Divine Tally,
A Poem of Pardon

We are children
Giving pennies to God
Hoping to buy butterflies
Through some cosmic lottery.
Our coins are cast to the sea,
Whose angry
Waves crash over rocks
And spatter white foam
To sting our eyes-
Blinding us that
The blessings of God
Are not bought
With all the treasures of
Sunken empires;
His gift is bigger than
The angry oceans
Of humanity's accounts.
God's favor blazes with a heat
That melts our brittle coinage.
He bankrupt heaven
To buy us
When He paid off our debts
With a sacred denomination
Transacted once for all
At Calvary Hill.

To my friends who may not be familiar with the Christian teachings.  My poem celebrates that the Father sent the son to be the Savior of the world. And that by Jesus' death his blood paid for our judgment, (since he was sinless he is the only substitute acceptable to justice.) God accepts his death on our behalf as evidence by the resurrection. The comparison of pennies to Christ's sacrifice is an irony, but many people have that view of buying God's blessing, may they see the payment has been made and salvation is a gift freely given to those willing to receive it.

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