Monday, March 06, 2017


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Oh My Child,
A Poem For My Son, Joe

Oh, my child may it be not you
That I find here
Lost in the shadows of my footsteps.
How is it that
You became a stranger to me
When I was once was all you knew?
I heard all the usual warnings
But somehow I failed anyway.
What things will life bring to you, my son?
I ask each day
As I have daily for all the years-
It was a thought I had on the day
That you were born,
And shall wonder till the day I die.
I have asked it in the dark corners
Of the guilt that comes with parenthood;
Yet no light nor wind has brought back word
To give comfort.
I let you down
Hundreds of times, or thousands or more-
But you
Have never failed to make me proud.

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