Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Gardner's Sowing, A Manifesto Poem About Restoring The Kingdom

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A Manifesto Poem About Restoring The Kingdom

We plant tulips
In the loose brown dirt
And pull up weeds
By their hairy white roots;
Our gardens are ghost
Calling us back
To the true one.
We are
Exiles from Eden
Who forgot where its seeds
Are planted in our souls.
None of us dwell
In the land of our desires.
Our hearts are tuned,
And listen for rumors
Of a bright horizon.
We must betray the land
Of our enslavement
For the soil of our hope.
We wander this sterile earth
As shadows
Which bear the light
Of that distant place near,
Until the kingdom
Of weeds wither
Before the King
Of Eden.

(c) Adron Dozat 2015

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(c) A.E. Dozat 7/18/15

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