Saturday, March 12, 2016


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The Dreaded Silence
A Poem Of Connection

We long for the mountain top
Where we would stand above the rest-
Apart and alone
To find the voice of our Creator.
Yet we turn our head
To follow the sound
Of groaning
Beyond our eyes,
The motors of cities roar
And engines of industry
War against the boundaries.
The silence tunes us to sense
In our very bones
The drumming of buildings
Growing from the fragile iron web
Of society,
And to hear the spinning whine
Of wheels as they collide
With lines made of concrete.
The world is wrapped in ribbons
Of deep rumble
Built by human need.
Though we wish for silence
So we could find peace within,
We are drawn to the racket,
For clamor gives comfort,
Shouting through
Our longed for solitude
That the One we seek
Did not make us to be alone.

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