Tuesday, August 12, 2014


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Remembering Keith,
A Poem About My Brother

I can still remember
It was like yesterday
The last time I saw you
Over twenty years ago.
You were so drunk
You could barely speak.

I will never forget the call
When she told me you died.
A needle did you,
Drugs took you.
"Don't cry for him." she said,
"He was just a junkie
He made his choices"
"He was just a loser,
An alcoholic."

I knew you like no one else;
We rode bikes together,
And together we fought,
The Ramirez boys after school,
We shared a room,
We shared parents,
When dad died we shared fears.

I used a credit card
To pay for your cremation;
And burned up someone who
Was once a beautiful child.


Dedicated to my brother.

(c) Adron Dozat 2015

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