Sunday, October 22, 2017


I hope you enjoy this short poem, it has several metaphors and you may find more than one meaning in it.

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Where Rocks Grow,
A Poem of Need

I pulled up the flowers
And emptied my garden
Of spring's beauty
Because I found meaning
In the stones.
Stones are faithful,
They are patient
And are always there.
You can count on them
In every season
And any weather.
But the logic of rocks
Failed my soul
Which longed for beauty-
Though frail and weak
And lives but briefly.
Now I cast seeds
Among the rocks
On each sunny day,
So I may see
Seasonal beauty
Or else something
In me
May turn to stone.

* * * 

To find and enjoy beauty is an honest need of the human soul. Let us take time to appreciate the gift of beauty that God has put in the world around us.  Of course, we can appreciate the beauty of stones too!

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