Friday, August 21, 2015


I do not know if it really is a poem or prose that tells a story.  You can read it several times and have different conclusions. Is it about love, rejection, jumping to conclusions, or shallow standards? You judge.

I hope it gives you something to think about.

* * * * *
The Burning Flame,
A Poem About Love At First Sight

Ben saw her at the cafe,
"Wow! What beautiful eyes."
Ann's voice was music
As she took orders.
"That face is so angelic."
Ben became self-conscience
Of his workout clothes,
The sweat from the gym,
His matted hair,
And his age.
Ann looked at Ben ready
To take his order.
"She could be the one.
You never know."
Ann's gorgeous lips moved,
"What can I get you?"
He longed to gently
Put his own lips there-
But he stuttered an order.
As she turned to brew the cup,
Ben's eyes searched her curves,
Measuring her youth.
He ached to say something
Clever to impress,
But only found, "Thank you."
Ann's sweetness stunned him.
"You're welcome."
He turned
To leave.

Ann turned
To the kitchen,
"I'm going on my break now,
Ben stirred his coffee,
"Maybe, outside
I will have another chance
To impress her."
Through the glass door
He saw her,
Leaning on the bench
A perfect picture.
She lifted sputtering flame to her face
Lighting the cigarette,
Sucking its smoke in,
Sending acrid grayness out.
Ben sighed,
Slowly and sadly.
"She smokes."

Ann timed it perfectly
Waiting for him;
She hoped to say something
Coy and charming,
To the athletic man;
But he shoved
A cold shoulder
Through the door
And hurried past
Looking the other way.
Ann sighed,
Slowly and sad.
"I guess
He's too stuck up
For me."
She put the white cigarette
To her red lips,
And drew in hollow comfort.

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