Wednesday, April 01, 2015


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The Noble King,
A Poem About Legends Living On

His palace is gone;
The ruin was slow and silent through the years.
No longer is song
Of battle and war
To echo in his hall.
His kingdom-
It fell
As empires will fall,
Just slipping in the mud;
Routed in a war with brambles
And weeds and conquered by tree moss.
His armor is rust,
His shield is lost,
No marker notes his grave;
But legend crowns him,
Not owing to wars or battles that he won-
For better the cause
To evoke his name is virtue of his deeds;
With vision he led,
Made brothers of men,
And followed in the quest.
If legends have fact
(If only in part)
Then worthy is the myth-
May Arthur the king
Have homage in hearts of any who seeks good.

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