Saturday, July 23, 2016


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Eulogy For The Slayer of Dragons
A Poem of Mythical tangled truth

The flaming arrow burned a low arch
Through the dark blue,
The sail embraced it with a sigh
As the sun set below the guiding star.
The ship took the flame
Over the darkening horizon
And carried her body
To the halls where heroes sit
At their golden feast.
Once she was a
A sheltered princess
Guarded by nobles and knights
Too gentle to see blood
For the virgin sacrifice.
Submissive tears stained her gown
Of white silk
As she went with head held high
To appease the hell-hearted dragon.
Stepping over black burned bones
And the armor of the valiant slain
She found
The dragon
Had died of old age.
Singers told only how
She returned wearing black steel
A sword in hand
Dragging its head behind her,
And songs gave birth
To the legend of
An ancient girl queen,
The Dragonslayer-
Now a goddess.

* * * * *

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