Monday, April 13, 2015


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She Fills Empty Jars,
A Poem

Blossoms drift slowly down
Through the shade of the tree
And rest on the bare table.
She brought
The empty jars
From Grandpa's kitchen,
Their time stained labels
Chronicle in faded ink
A Jar of Blossoms
Past contents;
Preserves, jellies, and nuts;
Now empty
Filled only with stale air
And refracted light that
Bent the images from the other side.
Her dark eyes that sparkle
With laughter as
She scoops up blossoms,
And by little handfuls
Pours them into the jars.
Taps his cane and asks
Why are you doing that?
"Pa-Pa, they were empty
And they should be filled,
So why not fill them
With blossoms?"


Thank you for visiting and reading my poem. I hope you enjoyed it and that it blessed your day. 

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