Saturday, July 26, 2014


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If We Stop Being Friends,
A Poem

If it has ended now
And we stop being friends,
Just tell me clearly please;
For love has blinded me,
So, I cannot plainly see
That it has ended here.
I'm such a hopeful man
And will keep dreaming on,
So, say for certain, please-
That this sweet friendship died;
There is no going back.
Too late to admit wrong,
(I am the guilty one,
The fault was always mine).
Tell me to forget hope-
That the walls between us
Are stone hard, fiery hot,
And they will never fall.
Tell me to reject you,
And to not trouble you
That I should ramble off
And just go away far.
So, say it bluntly please,
If it has happened that
We are no longer friends.

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